Sunday, July 26, 2009


So, I have been trying to get soap made. I made a batch of cold process soap, this is a handmade, that had some problems. I haven't done much with colors, so I was trying my hand at a swirl. This wasn't the problem. I thought it was ok...not what I wanted because my soap got too thick for me to swirl like I wanted, but still ok. What the problem was, was when I cut my soap, I had little weeping orange spots that dried up and turned darker orange. I didn't have any idea what the problem was! I conferred with a soap making group online and it was decided that I am inexperienced. :-) No, really. I am, but the spots came from the fragrance oil (FO) not getting mixed in well enough. I think it's because it caused ricing. I am unsure if there is anything I can do about it yet. I also learned more about mixing colors better. You can see spots of blue that aren't mixed in well. I have made 2 batches after this is I have gotten better. :-) Anyway, I tried another batch yesterday with the same FO and I definitely noticed some ricing. This batch is much better in that it only has a few orange spots and no weeping. And look! My color is mixed!

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