Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's POUNCE!!

I have been POUNCING!!  Wait, what's that?  What IS pouncing?  Well, on Etsy, there are several different ways to find new shops!  Pouncing is one of the best!  If you aren't looking for something specific...just browsing, if you will...then this is for you!  At the top of the screen on Etsy, you will click on Buy.  You will see lots of different ways to browse here.  A little ways under More Ways to Shop, you will see Pounce.  Now, there are even 2 ways to pounce!  Wow!  So many options!!  You can pounce shops that just had a sale or undiscovered shops that have just updated but have yet to get a sale.  Since I am still pretty new to this...the undiscovered shops is where I like to look!  Spread the love!!

The Jester

From her bio: Mom of my precious angel, Jasmine. Crocheting is therapeutic for me. I love the texture and colors & finding combinations of yarns and fabric that that work together. I also love painting faces.

I can't crochet, so I love looking at all the great things that other people have created!  Stop by and give this shop some love!

Check out the Undiscovered Artist of Etsy's blog as well to find some other shops that were pounced today...hey, pounce one of your own and share it with us!